Fabio Rolfi

I would like to thank all those in the association working to raise awareness of the extraordinary beauty of the Bergamo area and the extraordinary quality of its typical products. Combining tourism and agri-food production means keeping our traditions alive, promoting our territory and building a solid foundation for the future. The Lombardy Region is extremely active in promoting initiatives to improve the visibility of the agri-food excellences that distinguish it. Our system can overcome the challenges of the global market only by

Giovanni Paolo Malvestiti

The value of products and production sites, as part of our tradition and culture, is undoubtedly a factor of great attraction to our local area. I am convinced that the association “The Road of Valcalepio Wine and of the Flavours of the Bergamo Area” will encourage ever closer relations and the development of the tourism sector in the interests of the whole Bergamo area. The Bergamo Chamber of Commerce, which hosts the registered office of the association, is delighted to offer its

Gianfranco Gafforelli

The Province of Bergamo enthusiastically joins the association “The Road of Valcalepio Wine and of the Flavours of the Bergamo Area”, which has demonstrated great work within the logic of networking between public and private entities, with the aim of promoting the widest possible engagement of the producers of the products and services of our territory. I believe this is truly the right strategy for a complete and varied offering, which highlights the numerous strengths of the Bergamo area. The flavours and

Giorgio Gori

Agri-food production in Bergamo is of great importance, boasting over a thousand production sites and around 8,000 employees. However, these numbers only tell part of the story of all those elements of tradition, experience and craftsmanship of our local area and the people who animate it. In this regard, the association “The Road of Valcalepio Wine and of the Flavours of the Bergamo Area” plays a central role in promoting the vocation of wine, and, through it, local natural beauty, know-how

Simona Gregis

The Municipality of Grumello del Monte has always had a vocation for the culture and tradition of wine. The hilly landscape perfectly suited to the cultivation of vines represents a strong attractor for the ever greater number of tourists making the most of what our area and its businesses have to offer. In the seventies, the wine culture of Grumello del Monte was particularly affected by the extraordinary event of the introduction and regulatory formalization of the Valcalepio Controlled Designation of Origin. The

Giovanni Benini

Comprising the villages of Calepio, Tagliuno, Cividino and Quintano, at the head of the eponymous valley, the Municipality of Castelli Calepio has always organized events associated with the world of wine, such as the Calici di Stelle, or “Chalices of Stars”, created in collaboration with the Wine Tourism Movement and the City of Wine. It is an event that, every year, is a huge public success. The town also prides itself on its beautiful medieval centre, and the Castle of the Calepio

Paolo Pelliccioli

What does it mean for a municipality to participate in the association “The Road of Wine and of the Flavours of the Bergamo Area”? It is a clear ambition, full of colours and ideas that reveal a great vocation. Food and wine tourism increasingly rewards local, public and private enterprises, which work in synergy to promote the values of tradition combined with the flavours of the land and the historical and cultural heritage to be discovered in every corner of our

Stefano Cortinovis

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all those who will pass through or have the opportunity to stop in the territories of the association “The Road of Valcalepio Wine and of the Flavours of the Bergamo Area”. San Paolo d’Argon is a territory rich in historical and cultural curiosities of rare beauty. It also has a very marked winemaking and agricultural vocation, characterised by numerous business activities and local excellences, in addition to the presence in its territory

Cristian Vezzoli

Expo 2015 highlighted the fact that our local area is full of excellences not found in other areas or countries. Among these are certainly Valcalepio wine and the flavours of the Bergamo area that the association “The Road of Valcalepio Wine and of the Flavours of the Bergamo Area” aims to promote and cultivate. Before looking elsewhere, we must be aware of the quality of our own products, in order to know how to savour and appreciate them, and, above all,

Davide Casati

Dear friends, it is an honour for me to be involved in the project “The Road of Valcalepio Wine and of the Flavours of the Bergamo Area”, as a real opportunity for networking and relationship-building. Only in this way, can we really develop territorial marketing and promotional policies. Being a reference for the entire provincial territory means putting yourself at the service of its many businesses, and collaborating to make the most of the many excellences we can be proud of. As