The Territory

The Territory

The territory of the Road of Valcalepio Wine and of the Flavours of the Bergamo Area is characterised by the province’s foothills between the Adda and Oglio Rivers.

It is a territory rich in history, traditions and culture, enough to satisfy the insatiable curiosity of most demanding of wine-tourists for days and days.

This long and narrow strip of sometimes almost inaccessibly inclined slopes features around 800 hectares of fine vineyards and a few dozen hectares of olive groves, the remaining part of a more extensive historical area that Bergamo cultivators are defending with everlasting courage and passion.

This is all framed by medieval castles and churches and abbeys from every age, contours of a rich and exciting history bound to wine and magnificently represented by the emblem of the Valcalepio valley consortium bearing the effigy of the great fifteenth century captain Bartolomeo Colleoni.

Still today, the area offers plenty of idyllic, unspoilt places, where nature is the protagonist and nature lovers can enjoy the full range of sensations that modernity often threatens to leave by the wayside.

Let’s not forget the area’s great tradition of hospitality and of farming activities, farmhouse accommodation and establishments intimately bound to the territory and offering the discovery of legendary, ancient flavours.

Cheeses and cured meats

Naturally, we have to mention the territory’s renowned dairy production, boasting famous cheeses such as Taleggio, and many other less well-known but excellent cheeses of ancient tradition, such as Formai de Mut, Branzi, Strachì Tund, from the various valleys, as well as Stracchini and Caprini, coming from the territory’s revival of goat breeding.

There is also great tradition and art in the use of pork for the production of lard, bacon, sausages, Cotechino sausage and Bergamo salami.

One of the last rediscoveries of the region is gaì, or sheep salami. And lest we forget the quintessential Bergamo dish, polenta!

Other notable flavours of the territory include local beer, honey, many other varieties of salami, stuffed pasta, delicious pastries, and much more.