Fabio Rolfi

I would like to thank all those in the association working to raise awareness of the extraordinary beauty of the Bergamo area and the extraordinary quality of its typical products.

Combining tourism and agri-food production means keeping our traditions alive, promoting our territory and building a solid foundation for the future.

The Lombardy Region is extremely active in promoting initiatives to improve the visibility of the agri-food excellences that distinguish it.

Our system can overcome the challenges of the global market only by focusing on the distinctiveness of its products, on food safety, on the story of our traditions and on an effective communication of the qualities of our territory.

In this regard, the work of your association is fundamental.

Placing value on and promoting, in every way possible, the distinctiveness of the Lombardy Region and the food safety and quality of its typical products within their areas of origin is a winning strategy, both economically and culturally.


Fabio Rolfi
Director of Agriculture,
Food Production and Green Systems
Lombardy Region