Cristian Vezzoli

Expo 2015 highlighted the fact that our local area is full of excellences not found in other areas or countries. Among these are certainly Valcalepio wine and the flavours of the Bergamo area that the association “The Road of Valcalepio Wine and of the Flavours of the Bergamo Area” aims to promote and cultivate.

Before looking elsewhere, we must be aware of the quality of our own products, in order to know how to savour and appreciate them, and, above all, to continue supporting local production.

For this reason, Seriate has enthusiastically joined the association and committed to participating in it and supporting its initiatives, as part of our goal to promote the local area and its many excellences, and to remember that the real Expo is right here, now and for always.

In local flavours, we find the passion of people and the history of places. The particular way of producing wine, cheeses and salami is a true expression of the land of Bergamo, and its humble, rural origins.

In this regard, alongside quality Valcalepio wines, we must also be proud of our dairy production, including Taleggio, Formai de Mut, Branzi and Strachì Tund cheeses, our typical salami, including the famous Bergamasco salami and sausage meats, and our local dish par excellence, polenta.

To raise the awareness and appreciation of these excellences is a commitment but, above all, a pleasure that we owe to ourselves and to our territory!


Cristian Vezzoli
Mayor of Seriate