Paolo Pelliccioli

What does it mean for a municipality to participate in the association “The Road of Wine and of the Flavours of the Bergamo Area”? It is a clear ambition, full of colours and ideas that reveal a great vocation.

Food and wine tourism increasingly rewards local, public and private enterprises, which work in synergy to promote the values of tradition combined with the flavours of the land and the historical and cultural heritage to be discovered in every corner of our territory.

It represents a great challenge that brings great satisfaction, particularly through the recovery and conservation of the landscape, and the creation of concrete opportunities for a healthy economy.

But the opportunities go beyond those of mere experiential tourism, as the Municipality of Mozzo, and therefore its citizens, are fortunate enough to own the 6-hectare Masnada vineyard and the La Porta del Parco reception facility, which acts as a flagship for sustainability projects based on solidarity and a socio-economic approach that improves the quality of relations, respect for human activities, and, in general, the prospects of our Mother Earth.


Paolo Pelliccioli
Mayor of Mozzo