Giovanni Paolo Malvestiti

The value of products and production sites, as part of our tradition and culture, is undoubtedly a factor of great attraction to our local area.

I am convinced that the association “The Road of Valcalepio Wine and of the Flavours of the Bergamo Area” will encourage ever closer relations and the development of the tourism sector in the interests of the whole Bergamo area.

The Bergamo Chamber of Commerce, which hosts the registered office of the association, is delighted to offer its resources to the projects that the association will pursue in the coming months and years.


The new name, “La Strada del Vino Valcalepio e dei Sapori della Bergamasca”, now, naturally, refers to the entire Bergamo area.

The new name thus allows the inclusion and engagement in the association of a greater number of members and activities.

The wish and hope of me and of the Chamber of Commerce is that “The Road” can represent a point of union and contact for the greatest number of activities, from the municipalities of our province to the producers of wine and traditional local products.

All in the interests of our beautiful land.

We are and always will be here to support you.


Giovanni Paolo Malvestiti
President of the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce