Lara Magoni

I am delighted to be able to underline the strategic importance for our territory of the activity of the Road of Wine and Flavours.
Today, food and wine are among the most important drivers for developing tourism and attracting tourists.

Indeed, we know that most travellers choose destinations also on the basis of the food and wine products.

From this point of view, we are very lucky, as Italians and Lombards, since out territory is extremely rich in specialities, which we have the duty to protect and promote.

Lombardy is also the Italian region where foreigners spend the most. This means that, almost always, the tourist visiting from abroad takes away with them some of our wonderful local products.

Furthermore, the Lombardy Region was recently the third Italian region to recognize wine tourism as specific category distinct from “agriturismo”, or agricultural tourism. This distinction will allow our wineries to offer their products in an entirely unique way.

Talking about wines, just as much as flavours, means talking about the local identities of our lands and the unforgettable histories of our families.

Just as a glass of wine can tell a wonderful tale, so the Road of Wine and Flavours tells a enthralling story to the region’s many visitors.

The road ahead is long and exciting.

We need to work more and more as a team to make ourselves the protagonists of a marvellous future together.


Lara Magoni
Director of Tourism
Lombardy Region