Alessandro Colletta

To those of you who know the geographical location of the Municipality of Orio al Serio, it may seem a little unusual that we form part of the association called The Road of Valcalepio Wine and of the Flavours of the Bergamo Area.

However, the presence within our territory of the Caravaggio Orio al Serio International Airport, the third most used airport in Italy, with over 13 million passengers a year, and of Oriocenter, the largest shopping centre in Italy, with over 12 million shoppers a year, largely justifies our choice of full association membership.

As much as almost 60% of all tourists acknowledge the relevance of food and wine in choosing a destination, and as much as 69% report that food and wine specialities are one of the deciding factors.

There is now a clear tendency for tourists to enjoy the whole territory, and, therefore, also its traditions and the food and wine excellences that characterize it.

Food and wine tourism is, in all respects, a form of cultural tourism. The conservation and promotion of agricultural and wine-growing territories proposes a new way of experiencing holidays through visits to wineries and food producers, and the tasting of wines, typical products and local dishes.

Orio al Serio is the ideal starting point for tourists wanting to enjoy the natural, artistic, cultural and gastronomic excellences of the Bergamo area, and particularly those promoted by the association La Strada del Vino Valcalepio e dei Sapori della Bergamasca.


Alessandro Colletta
Mayor of Orio al Serio